My one eye is eaten by
The other eye

Itself eaten
By the road.

Materials that undergo some form of pressure become worn-out until they are eventually destroyed. During this process, tiny cracks begin to form and penetrate deeply into the pressured surface until the latter is entirely resorbed and no trace is left. The material’s degree of depletion depends on the effort it can tolerate through endless cycles.

 Bezalel Photography Graduation Exhibition


Using a 35-millimeter camera, I observe disposable, mutable and ephemeral bodies. writing a "Poem on Material Fatigue"*, I try to describe
a broken equilibrium, a level of resilience and non-resilience of our inner world that forms the condition of our very existence, and the passage from life to decay, erosion and death.

My project expresses life as seen through my eyes. More than just a private confession,

it extends outward from the inside to form the image of an aging world — that is, the world as it seems in relation to its end. A narrative with no imperative, no beginning, middle and end; a narrative which, rather than distinguishing between natural and artificial, places them together on the samesequence of time and space.

* After a poem by Yaakov Orland

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