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A short film about phantom pain 2023.
The film made of analog still photographs, video clips, sound recordings and text, and deals with processes of mourning, loss and healing. At the center of the film is the term "phantom pain", which describes the sensation of pain felt in the missing part of an amputated limb.
in the 16th century, it was believed that this pain is proof of the existence of a soul. since the feeling of pain is in a nonexistent body part, it follows that human existence is not only physical. 
Phantom pain is described as stabbing, crushing, slicing, spasmodic, pinching and burning pain, and is one of the most difficult types of pain to treat. most persons suffering from it have to learn to live with it.


Miscellaneous exhibition at the Edmond Rothschild Center 13.1-10.3.2023

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